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This is the Truth, But...: Muslim League from 1906 to 1947

Munir Mohammad Hasan
Xlibris Corporation
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From Amazon: The book is written on Political history of Muslim League, a political party founded in 1906, which claims to be responsible for creating Pakistan in 1947. A lot is said about this party. However, when I read the copies of the original documents on its political history, I found that many stories which are told are incorrect. India Office Library in London, UK, is keeping the original documents of the political activities of the political parties of Indian subcontinent before the partition of Indian subcontinent in 1947, including those of Muslim League. Every person cannot reach there and so, some senior and qualified persons have obtained the photocopies of those documents and have compiled them in the form of books. These books are available in the bookshops in Pakistan. With the help of those documents, by giving references, I have exposed the truth and have related the pre-partition activities of this party with the present plight of Pakistan. The book is written in Urdu language. However, the extracts from the compilations of the original historical documents are given in original form in English. Due to various reasons the book has been published in the USA.
English Translation, Urdu