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Silence Between the Notes ( An Anthology of Partition Poetry)

Aftab Husain Sarita Jenamani (Author, Editor)
Aftab Husain Sarita Jenamani (Introduction)
Dhauli Books
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Silence between the Notes is an anthology of Partition poetry which includes contributions from Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, English, Hindi, Bengali and Kashmiri languages. It is a unique collection as this is the first book which is extensive, representative and inclusive of it all. Selected, edited and introduced by Aftab Husain and Sarita Jenamani, this anthology promises to bring forward the voices which had perhaps got lost somewhere in all the noise that followed Partition. The volume contains poems by several literary giants like Amrita Pritam, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Ali Sardar Jafri, Akhtarul Iman and Amrita Pritam, Nasir Kazmi, Agha Shahid Ali Imtiaz Dharkar, Adil Jussawala, Keki Daruwala. So do Sheikh Ayaz, Ustad Daman, Sahir Ludhinvi, Ahmad Salim, Surjit Patar, and Sharif Kunjahi and many more poignant voices.