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Manoranjan Byapari
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"Manoranjan Byapari is now a household name in Bengal. His popularity as a Bengali writer has spread across the country after he received The Hindu Prize in 2018. It’s the early seventies. The Naxalbari Movement is gathering strength in Bengal. Young men and women have left their homes, picked up arms to free land from the clutches of feudal landlords and the state, and return them to oppressed landless farmers. They are being arrested en masse and thrown into high-security jails. In one such jail, five Naxals are meticulously planning a jailbreak. They must free themselves if the revolution is to continue. But petty thief Bhagoban, much too happy to serve frequent terms for free food and shelter, has been planted by Jailor Bireshwar Mukherjee among them as a mole. Only, Bhagoban seems to be warming up to them. Based on the time Byapari himself spent in jail as a Naxalite, this novel is a searing investigation into what deprivation and isolation can do to human idealism."