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Politics in West Bengal: A Critical Study

Keshab Mandal
Kolkata Scholars' Press
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This is a research-oriented book. The book is the result of a research study carried out on the eve of the 2021 West Bengal Assembly elections. The aims and objectives of the research were to understand the social, economic, political, educational, health, and industrial status of West Bengal; to investigate the achievements of the Trinamool Congress government in the last ten years; to comprehend people’s perception regarding the performance of the TMC government, and finally to recommend some policy prescriptions to the ‘people in power.’ At the end of the elections, further, the researcher explored the nature and extent of violence that took place in elections and what were the reasons for the deplorable defeats of Congress, CPI(M), and BJP. The book contains a total of nine chapters wherein the major issues of the 2021 assembly elections in West Bengal were examined. Why the blitzkrieg campaign by the prime minister, home minister, and some other union ministers as well as many key national political leaders of BJP remained unproductive analyzed scientifically. The dynamic role and functions of the Election Commission of India in conducting free and fair elections were examined critically. How the CPI(M) came to power through its chakka jam and ‘break all, destruct all’ politics have been delineated. Why BJP was defeated and CPI(M) and Congress were evanesced from West Bengal assembly elections were the most curious chapters to the readers. How the politics of tolabaji, syndicateraj, misrule, and corruption of the present Trinamool Congress government have become the norm of the day has been highlighted. Finally, the book provides some concrete suggestions for the holistic development and growth of the State. The students and researchers of state politics will be immensely benefitted from this book. Moreover, the politically (over)conscious Bengalees and other general readers might find some interesting material in it.