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Revisiting Partition: Contestations, Narratives and Memory

Anindita Ghoshal
Primus Books
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The effects of Partition were felt not only in specific regions but all across the country. Moving away from state-specific analyses of the fractured reconfiguration of the Indian subcontinent, Revisiting Partition: Contestation, Narratives and Memory delves into the connected nature of the developments and their lingering deep impact. Divided into five sub-themes, this book weaves in the narratives from the geographic areas of West Bengal, Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as the less studied, but equally significant, north-east India. The contributions identify the stages of Partition and investigate the accompanying complexities that transformed the migration of refugees into a prolonged affair. Combining authentic glimpses into the national, provincial, regional and local undercurrents this collection touches upon the everyday life experiences and the continuing influence of the Partition on generations of Partition victims. primusbooks.com/revisiting-partition-contestation-narratives-and-memory-by-anindita-ghoshal/