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Muslim Separatism and the Partition of India

Debadutta Chakravarty
Atlantic Publishers & Distributors
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The Rare Piece Of The Drama Partition, In 1947 Warranted The Scholars To Rebuild The History Of The Cunning Passages To Muslim Separatism In India And The Consequent Blood Bath Of The Nation. In This Book, Muslim Separatism And The Partition Of India, The Author Offers A Very Big Highway To Explore All The Roads And Sub-Roads To Trace Out The Genesis Of Communalism In India Under The Patronage Of The Colonial Government And Its Ultimate Culmination To The Creation Of An Ulster In This Sub-Continent On The Midnight Of August 14-15, 1947. The Author, Like Charles Lamb, Kept Himself Far Away From Any Personal Bias In Searching Out The Different Dynamics Behind The Artificial Partition By A Candid Analysis Of All The Facts And Documents Available.