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Trauma of Partition Reflected In the Select Indian English Novels A Comparative Study

The Partition of India in 1947 was an unpleasant past that no one wants to remember. The incident was unprecedented for the world for it was the first time when any country was divided on the basis of religion. The second big reason was mass migration. Partition also resulted in unprecedented violence, murders, rapes and much more. Unfortunately the partition served to increase the hostilities between India and Pakistan instead of bringing peace. This tragedy of Partition has given rise to the imagination of many writers who wanted to define the trauma and the social complexes which affected the whole subcontinent. The fictional explorations about partition record the human disaster and suffering as the main theme of the writers in many languages like English, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali and other Indian Languages. newlineThough it is almost seventy years span after the partition, still it has immense effect on the minds of the people of both the countries. Even, as the years passed, the hostility and complications between the two countries have been growing newlineiv newlinecontinuously. It is essential for us to go through all those incidents and relate them with the present conditions. Partition created hostility among the different religions that we still experience it many times in our own country. Terrorism added fuel to the fire as it spreads hostility in the name of religion. We should remind the causes, the disaster, and its effects on the political, social, economical and religious life of the subcontinent to avoid such incidents in the future, because it is not affordable for the world to face such incidents in the coming time. newlineThe trauma of partition has been a challenge to the imagination of the new writers. It has given rise to fictional explorations with an attempt to define the inner turmoil and social complexes that affected much to the whole subcontinent. The partition fiction, apart from English, began to rise in many Indian languages like Urdu, Hindi and Bengali etc. All these fictional works faithfully record the human.

Gangadhar Potanna Aaklod
Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University