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1,000,000 Indians On The Move

Indian refugees in the Punjab search for safety as a result of Hindu-Moslem rioting following partition. LS General shots of flooded fields. MS Various shots of refugees and their pitiful processions on rickety vehicles, squatting in the mud. LS a train travelling through a flooded field is reflected in the water. LS An army vehicle driving along a flooded street. MS Refugees piling onto an army lorry. MS Crowded buses and army transports take the fortunate few from the riot area. LS A long trail of refugees on foot, with a dog, trudging hopelessly along a road. CU tiny children run behind their mother. Various shots of the refugees. CU a mile stone indicating Amritsar and Lahore. MS a man passes with a large table balanced on his head.


British Pathe Archives
Release Date: 
September, 1947