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Fateful Events of 1947: The Secret British Game of Divide and Quit

Manmath Nath Das
Standard Publishers
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From Google Books: "1947 saw the demise of the British Indian Empire and the emergence of India as an independent country. It also witnessed dubious endeavour on part of the departing rulers in partitioning a sub-continent into India and Pakistan. Side by side, their deliberate game to balkanise India by keeping some princely States independent was too obvious.The year was full of fateful events since the surgery of separation was an unusual phenomenon, causing immense blood letting. Compressed between the natural demand for national unity and an artificially engineered two-nation theory, the desperate British went in for a comprehensive conspiracy to take advantage of the continuing communal civil war for achieving their sinister design of 'Divide and Quit'. This book, constructed from original source-material including confidential documents of some of the British Viceroys and officers as well as some letters of Winston Charchill to Muhammad Ali Jinnah deals with the intricacies of the problems which overwhelmed the greatest men of India like inexorable forces of Time. Everybody played his role and played it well against internal and external forces to preserve the unity of a great nation and an ancient country. But, Time was against India's formidable patriots who had to suffer the agony of seeing their life's hopes disappear in disappointment."