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Aashish 1926-2034

WarrenHall Crain
Trafford Publishing
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From Google Books: “Aashish Kumar Chhaturvedi is a man deeply loved by all who know him. Through selections of his aunt's diary, his own personal journals, and his son's diary and notes, the reader comes to know him as an extraordinary man. His life begins in a small town in what is now Pakistan, proceeds through the horror of the Partition of India and Pakistan, into life in a small town in central India. He is well known and respected, though he never rises politically higher than local government, and he travels only once outside of India. The book is an editing of Aashish's personal journal done by his son Anil after Aashish's death. Anil discovered that his Father's journal covered only the period of his marriage, beginning on his wedding night and ending on the evening of the death of his beloved Tulsa. So Anil drew on his aunt's journal for material on his Father's early life and Anil added some notes on the last ten years and a brief page on his Father's death. Also included are some lovely poems of Aashish's friend Kiran Verma, poet-laureate of Khajuraho and an essay by an American friend.”