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The questions

Our interview process is free-flowing and tailored to capture your unique story. The interview can be thought of as a structured conversation. Our process is built around capturing life stories shaped by Partition. A few specific themes which we like to address in each interview:

Below is a small list of SAMPLE questions only, and is not to be taken as a complete list.  The actual qusetionnaire will change during the interview and will depend on your unique life story.

1. Pre Partition Life and background:

Life, culture and your childhood: This allows the listener to build a context for Partition and to better understand how Partition affected you, your family and your community and ways of life. Sample questions

  • What is your name, mothers/fathers name?
  • Where and when were you born?
  • Anything you would like to share of your family history?
  • How many brothers and sisters did you have?
  • What did you do for fun together?
  • Describe your friends.
  • What were their religious backgrounds? What did you do together?
  • What languages did you and do you speak?
  • What was life like in your city or village? Festivals? snake charmers?

2. Partition:

Your personal observations and experiences. You can also recall stories of those whom you know and what they experienced. Sample questions

  • How old were you and where were you when Partition happened?
  • How did you first learn about Partition?
  • Where were you when Partition happened and what was the first thing you thought?
  • Please give your whole story, what you saw, the good and the bad recalling much detail as possible.
  • How did Partition affect you, your family, and your community at the time?

3. Post-Partition Life

Sample Questions

  • How did you get to where you are today?
  • Describe your post Partition life and journey?
  • How do you feel Partition has impacted your life?

4. Thoughts:

Sample questions

  • What are your thoughts on Partition in general?
  • How did you feel about Partition now in retrospect?

5. Message:

Sample questions

  • Any message you want to give to future generations?

Share your story:

To access our full set of questions and to receive an interview packet, you must attend one of our Oral History Workshops by signing up at http://www.1947PartitionArchive.org/collect_stories. The workshops can be attended by watching them live via an internet connection. For questions, send an email to ask@1947PartitionArchive.org