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#ChasingMemories - The 10,000 Stories Challenge 

This summer, we are honoring our ancestors through a special campaign while also fundraising for documenting the next 1000 oral histories. The Archive has preserved 9065 memories already, as a part of its goal to reach 10,000 families.

Here's how you can join us in #ChasingMemories

1) CAMPAIGN: Bike/run/swim or chose another activity that you'll do this summer to honor a Partition witness.  Make your campaign on Letzchange for India or MightyCause for all other countries.

2) DONATE: No time for a campaign? No problem. Encourage and support one of the many campaigners through your donation: (Visit Letzchange in India and MightyCause in all other countries)

3) LEARN: Never done a campaign? No problem. Attend our free workshop on crowdfunding. We are here to walk this journey with you, to make campaigning really fun and meaningful.

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