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Britain and Muslim India: A Study of British Public Opinion Vis-à-vis the Development of Muslim Nationalism in India, 1857-1947

Khursheed Kamal Aziz


Dr. Kavita Daiya

This website collects “educational resources about the histories and experiences of the 1947 Partition of India in order to create new knowledge about the transnational effects of ethnic violence and migration in the modern world.”

Himal Southasian

The Southasian Trust

The Himal Southasian is "South Asia's first and only regional news and analysis magazine...critical analysis, commentary, opinion, essays and reviews -- covering regional trends in politics and economics with the same perspective as culture and history, Himal stories do not stop at national borders, but are followed wherever they lead." This online magazine features material on important aspects of Indian History as well, including the Partition of India.

The National Archives: The Road to Partition 1939-47

The National Archive

This document collection through the National Archives is “related to India and the struggle for independence and the road to partition 1939-1947.” It provides sources such as letters, government documents, and articles pertaining to Partition and Independence. The National Archives “is the official archive and publisher for the UK government, and for England and Wales.”

Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence

The Center for International Research and Studies

The Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence is a database “focusing on massacres and genocides of the 20th century,” including historical descriptions and analyses of well-documented and less well-known massacres. There are three types of documents available on the website: Chronological Indexes, Case Studies, Scholarly Reviews and Theoretical Papers.

South Asia Citizens Web: Linking Dissent in South Asia and Beyond since 1998


The South Asian Citizens Web “aims to promote dialogue and information exchange between and about South Asian citizens initiatives.” It features resources and articles on the 1947 Partition of India.

Towards Freedom


Towards Freedom is a historical web archive "dedicated solely to the purpose of learning re-search the history of India's struggle for Freedom from the yoke of imperialism." It features biographies of prominent leaders of the independence movement, photos, descriptions of individual movements, and a large pool of resources pertaining to Indian Independence.

Bhārata aura Pākistāna kī dostī

Jīvanasiṃha Ṭhākura
Rādhā Pablikeśansa

Baṇṭavārā nahīṃ

Maheśacandra Śarmā
Grantha Akādamī

Bhārata vibhājana

Vallabhbhai Patel
Prabha Chopra
Prabhāta Prakāśana