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Splintered Waters: Tryst with Destiny

Amarjit Kaur Pannu
Austin Macauley
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Splintered Waters: Tryst with Destiny is an epic tale of struggle for independence, a soul-touching love story, and taboos of caste and forbidden affairs. It is a captivating saga of unshakable friendship, World War II, and the healing power of love. Destiny takes two friends, Lal Singh and Hakam, on very different paths. Compelled by circumstances, Lal Singh returns to his ancestral village where life-changing events await. Hakam continues the fight for freedom from the British but is captured and tortured. In an ironic twist of fate, Hakam's son, Baldev, joins the British and fights on the knife-edged mountain peaks of Burma in WWII. Independence from the British results in mass migration, ripping apart long-established communities. Newly married Baldev must keep a promise he made on the battlefield to a dying friend and desperately tries to rejoin his own family. Would he be able to?