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Partition: Legacy of the Line

Seventy years ago, by the stroke of a pen, a line was drawn on a map and India was partitioned into two states. Fifteen million people were displaced, and one million died, as the British left India and religious communities were pitted against one another. Years later, some of the survivors from that period migrated again, this time to Scotland, hoping for a fresh start and peaceful future. They brought with them, incredible stories of hardship, danger and suffering. Sanjeev Kohli and Aasmah Mir search for some of those stories, beginning with their own fathers who lived on opposite sides of the line of Partition in the Punjab. As one of the strongest themes to emerge is that of difference, Sanjeev and Aasmah decide to take a DNA test to see just how genetically different they are from one another.

Boo Prabhaker, Uzma Mir Young
Release Date: 
October, 2017