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Understanding the Muslim Mind

Rajmohan Gandhi
Penguin Books India
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From Amazon Reviews: "Rajmohan, M.K. Ganndhi's grandson, takes us through lives of eight prominent Muslims of Indian subcontinent as a means of tour de understanding through partition of Hindustan into "officially secular" India and two fringing Islamic states, namely Pakistan and Bangladesh. It tries to illustrate qaum's collective psyche during colonial rule by taking examples of lives of its leaders, but not of a common man of different regions, with all his cultural and socio-economic diversity. He has chosen a good spectrum of leaders representing different interests, ideologies and reactions to historical turmoil around them. He has done an in-depth, almost dispassionate analysis of the political, ideological and personal differences of those who decided to represent the interests of different communities. Author has stopped a bit short of documenting changing fears, aspirations of common person. Later events in the history of subcontinent have been kept out of scope of his present study. Given that the emphasis has been on partition, ideally a more comprehensive understanding of both soft and hard Hindutava-vadis and greater analysis of Gandhi's abandonment of qaum after Khilafat would have made this study pivotal for understanding the partition. Nonetheless, it is an amazing resource, for anyone wanting to understand the partition of Madre-vatan or Indian Motherland." -Sukant Khurana